Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Otero Mesa

A federal appeals court is telling the Bureau of Land Management that their position on allowing the drilling of Otero Mesa in Southern New Mexico is seriously flawed. This means that the Yates Petroleum Company, whose head guy is New Mexico Chair of the Republican Party, can not drill for oil and gas until the proper environmental laws are followed. Maybe it is time for new management of the BLM in New Mexico.

The role of Governor Richardson, Attorney General Gary King and others were crucial in this fight. Environmental groups deserve a lot of credit too. It should be a lesson to all of us on the importance of electing sound leaders who understand the importance of New Mexico's landscapes, water supplies and air sheds.

This comes on top of the EPA's decision to take another look at the proposed and ill advised Desert Rock coal fired generating plant in San Juan County. It has been a good week.

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Avelino said...

Don't forget the ESA reversal!