Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Weekend

Much of the family is gathering for Easter weekend. Even us agnostics. It is always good to see everyone. Noelle came in last night and we made a beeline for the Frontier Restaurant so she could get her vegetarian burrito. That plate had not one single molecule of food left on it when she was finished. That is the way she is about everything. It made me think again of one of my favorite photos of her. This is when she was six years old and was taken on the beach at Cancun. She stood up to that wave rather well as I remember. Fearless Noelle.


susan said...

Jim, Nice thought about Noelle. I am sorry that we couldn't get her together with my son and his wife, who were living in Phoenix, as I said to you. Thom's wife, Mariko, worked for Janet Napolitano, and they are now renting their Phoenix house and living in Washington DC. Mariko is working for Homeland Security.

Jim Baca said...


Can you send me some contact information? I wont publish it as a comment. Thanks.