Monday, December 14, 2009

Compliment to the Journal

The Journal actually did an important story Sunday morning on New Mexico High School Graduation rates and proficiency in math and reading. It seems the schools with the highest graduation rates had students with the lowest proficiency. How in the hell can that be? It is nothing but administrative corruption. Those school superintendents and school boards need to stay after school for detention. Or be held back a grade.

What upsets me the most is the lack of proficiency in reading. Of course that statistic is really set in the first through third grades. So blame goes on those elementary schools too. If a person can not read properly then they are really screwed in life. I frankly was never much of a math whiz, but the nuns at Our Lady of Fatima sure taught me how to read and spell. I have been able to function in life without knowing squat about differential equations, (the wife and kids were great at those and spoke in strange phrases when practicing them), but I sure would not have done anything in life with our being able to read.

Although, when reading the Journal editorial page I wonder if it is wise to read sat all. They took the cue on Sunday from their oil and gas industry friends to belittle climate warming. Of course they are right and several hundred thousand scientists who can do differential equations are wrong. The Journal is beginning to remind me of the Wall Street Journal. Great news and information and imbecilic editorials. I have always wondered who really writes that stuff with a straight face.

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