Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am taking my son Justin and his wife Karly to the airport this morning. They are the last of our holiday guests to leave. We all had a really good time. So now I get to deposit them into airport hell for a trip back to Washington DC. Who knows what weird stuff they will have to endure in security measures. I am still of the opinion that just about anyone can skirt safety measures no matter how stringent they are.

Speaking of opinions, the Journal this morning dumped on the Obama administration for the security lapse. When 3000+ people were killed at the World Trade Center they seemed to give George Bush a pass. They thought it was cool he stood next to a fireman on the rubble.

Last night KRQE TV News opened their newscast with a 30 second story on some 21 year old kid getting shot to death. Then they did a 90 second story on a puppy getting shot to death. Ah....journalism today.

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