Wednesday, December 30, 2009


A good friend and I were talking about how the American Public and Media are fixated on Airport Security. It is like a loss leader at a department store. It gets your attention and then you get directed to somewhere else.

We have decided that the reason airline security is so important to folks, including the religious terrorist wacko crazies, is that it gets all the attention. There actually are a lot of easier targets for bombers in the name of god. Think municipal water supplies, train tracks, public gatherings, and about a zillion other things that have no security on them whatsoever.

It also makes you think that the terrorists are on their last legs since they have not been successful at killing and maiming in this country after 9-11.
Meanwhile down in Alamogordo the right wing Tea Party wacko crazies are holding a rally on Saturday to rail against health care reform, government stimulus spending, and the Obama administration.

The kicker here is that they are encouraging everyone to bring guns. What is next? Underwear Bombs!? These guys are more dangerous to our democratically elected government than the terrorists are.

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