Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I was opining last week that a legislative committee treated my staff viciously in an interim meeting. Apparently they are doing the same to themselves, only violently. The news that one female legislator punched out another one last week indicates that some lessons in manners are due for our lawmakers.

The Albuquerque Journal, whose readership continues to fall, managed to put my name in a story this morning aimed at embarassing the Governor, and former cabinet members who have received contracts after leaving office. I gave a contract over ten years ago to one of them when I was Mayor and that seems to be newsworthy today. There is nothing illegal or immoral about giving people contracts but the Journal's specialty of insinuation seems to say so.

I notice that Darren White, the city's new public safety czar in the Mayor's office, is already out hamming for the cameras. He is criticizing the Judiciary. That could affect his boss greatly and someone will have to coach him on his publicity seeking ways.

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New Mexican said...

Darren White loves those cameras, that is for sure. He will be a millstone around Berry's neck because he will continue to call the TV stations so he can be on TV. He will have to steal the limelight from those he supervises AND the mayor.