Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The New Mayor

I was glad to see David Campbell's confirmation by the City Council as Mayor Berry's Chief Administrative Officer. Three republican councillors voted against the confirmation of the republican Mayor's choice for the job.

Mayor Berry, welcome to city politics. You will have to put up with that kind of behavior in varying degrees for the next four years. It is just part of the job but I have to say it is very peculiar that members of your party are doing this to you. It says nothing about you or Dave Campbell , just about the condition of the GOP. Amazing!

Now comes the really hard part of keeping this city glued together in the midst of what might be the biggest financial meltdown in its history. (You might want to read this.) Your CAO and Department heads will really need to use some even headed thinking on where to cut. And know that where ever you choose to do it that you will not be appreciated. Every dollar you cut is a minus for some special interest group. Be it an after school program, a union, or economic development incentives.

Ignore what the editorial pages of the Journal say and do what you think is best. Because of the position that Mayor Chavez and his city council left you in you are going to have to accept the fact that you may not be the most popular guy in office.

I am pulling for you because I know the challenges you face. We have a great city here and we should all want you to succeed.

Uhhh...I was wondering if you could call me about a pothole.

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