Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Costa Rica

We spent Monday exploring Costa Rica. We sailed into Puerto Limon, Banana capitol of the world and set off for the rain forest. The rest of the gang went to a banana plantation. They day started with out a cloud in the sky. It was beautiful at the rain forest preserve we visited. It went from full sunshine to hard rain in a matter of minutes. I got the feeling that walking ten feet into that rain forest would be lethal. All sorts of toxic things in there. Snakes, frogs that kill, beetles the size of a Pontiac.

Tuesday and Wednesday we will spend at sea as we race across the Caribbean to dock the ship in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday morning. Then back into cold weather. I would take dry climates to wet any day.


Rodney said...

That looks oodles more fun than the swearing in ceremony of some real dullards last night. The bright spot was that someone had the insight to get Cadillac Bob and the Rhinestones to play the gig.

Anonymous said...

Your photographs reveal, it seems, a whole, different planet, compared to Texas and New Mexico. You look like you are having the time of your life.