Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Finance Reports

The candidates for this years primary election had to file their financial reports yesterday.  Most news outlets reported on the Governor's races and Lt. Governor races but not the rest of the contests.  One that was left out was the race for State Land Commissioner.  As I write this one thing is still obvious.  The special interests who run the land office under Commissioner Pat Lyons are now throwing their money at various other candidates.  Ranchers and oil field interests still control this race from a financial aspect.  This is their last time around as special interest financing of campaigns will become tougher in the next set of elections in 2014.

As of this writing not all of the candidates reports have been posted, but the biggest fund raiser right now is democrat Sandy Jones.  I have always felt he has a good shot at this if he doesn't let big oil run his life.

I have always liked republican Doug Turner as a person.  But yesterday he got on the big oil and coal band wagon by filing a court action against a carbon cap and trade policy from Governor Richardson.  Just like yesterday, I will again recommend that everyone read Paul Krugman's article on cap and trade in the New York Times magazine.

The sad thing is this move on Turner's part has turned off a lot more people than he will ever rally to him in a republican primary for governor.  And it shows he is not wise on climate change.

You can go to this new site to see the reports.  Just put in the office your are interested in to see how the candidates did.

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garciam2007r said...

Doug Turner is not jumping on to any bandwagons. As far as I am aware no other candidate has made such a bold move as Turner has.

Lets face it, this is political theater, its a stunt. But if that is what it takes to stop Richardson from further ruining our state I will gladly support Doug in his endeavor.

This cap and trade policy will cripple New Mexico's economy. The policies (i.e. pit rule) that Richardson and Co. has put into place in our state have already started an exodus of oil and gas companies. Does this administration not understand that the oil and gas industries are the backbone to our economy?

It is high time that one of our politicians took a stand against the incompetence of Santa Fe.