Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some Advice

The Governor, Judges, Public Defenders, County Commissioners, District Attorneys and Mayors of New Mexico have a great opportunity to do something for all of us.  With the revelation of a guy running free after 125 arrests maybe the Chief elected officers of local and state governments might want to take this opportunity to look at exactly, and I do mean exactly,  how this situation came about and who had a role in it.  And then, start making people accountable for allowing these kinds of things to happen.

I mean, how does a guy who gets arrested 125 times remain free?  Even if it is just for spitting on the sidewalk?  125 times.  And he is free again.  Shouldn't he just be chained to a post?  Or drag around a 50lb iron ball?  I know, as a liberal I shouldn't say such things, but frankly this guy and others like him are preying on all political persuasions.

So, the Governor should contact the Municipal League (the mayors) and the Association of Counties (the County Commissions) and others and say, "What do you think?  Shall we all get together and find out what is wrong with the system and fix it.  It might not even be that difficult."

I think the Governor could be a hero along with the Mayors if they take this effort on.

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