Monday, April 12, 2010


I have always felt having priorities was a good thing.  Some things are more important to get done than others.  So, why do we spend so much time at UNM worrying about the basketball coach while the Mathematics and Statistics Department melts down?  Shouldn't we put more money into that pot to attract and keep talent, rather than wringing our hands over the athletic program?  Just wondering here what the priorities are.  Thanks to the Journal for doing this story.

The lead story yesterday in the Sunday Journal was about how the chimpanzees at the zoo are getting along.  Leslie Lithicum did a great job on it as usual.  But the priorities of the editors make me wonder on its placement.

Everyone should take the time to read this New York Times Magazine Article by Paul Krugman.

I need to make a final decision this week on a new car.  My friends and Bobbi always marvel at how I agonize over what to buy and this time is no different.  I have leased my last five cars, but now that I am retired I will buy one so it has to be just right and last a long time.  I think I know what I want but maybe it costs to much.  What to do.....What to do.  This has been going on for six months.

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New Mexican said...

Do not, repeat, do not buy a vehicle with an interference engine. Make sure of this. If for some reason the timing belt goes on these, bye, bye engine. I have blown 2 of these types of engines, will never buy another. And don't let them tell you the belts last 60,000 to 80,000.

Be safe and buy a non interference engine vehicle. Check the web for these engines and what makes and models have them.