Thursday, April 01, 2010


Someone with my name owes money.  I am getting called by every two bit collection agency in town and being interrogated about my real identity and my life history up to this point.  Halfway through the questions I use a profanity involving a deity I don't believe in and  hang up on them.  The only one who didn't give up was the University Hospital who kept calling until I got really nasty.

These collectors are about as welcome as Juniper Pollen.  Did you see the count today?  1200!  Normal would be 90!  Unlike bill collectors with the wrong number you can't curse away the pollen.  If you were to look outside today in Albuquerque you might think that all the crud in the air was dust from our spring time winds.  No, I think it is all pollen from every Juniper tree between here and Pacific Ocean.

I am in a benadryl stupor at night and tired during the day from lack of oxygen.  I thought we were so smart leaving for South America for a couple of weeks and that most Juniper poison would have blown over to Texas by now.  Wishful thinking.


Natalie said...

I don't even have allergies and am now experiencing allegies so bad I thought I had a cold! Lost my voice! It IS terrible.
Hang in there...

Rodney said...

UNM hospital is persistent to say the least. Someone gave them our phone number once years ago. For over 3 years we got phone calls asking for someone who owed money. For 3 years we patiently explained that we did not know the person and didn't know why our phone number was provided (random bad luck?). Finally, we had to get really nasty with them and threaten a harrassment suit before they stopped.