Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The only thing that republican gubernatorial frontrunner Allen Weh can say in his TV commercial is that Lt. Governor Diane Denish shouldn't use the state jet to travel.  This is his solution to the economic crisis, joblessness, crime, war and a myriad of other issues that face us.

So, in fairness why does he not talk about all of his jets.  He charters them for a living through his company CSI Aviation Services and has made millions in war profits by hauling people and cargo to the war zone.  When will he give us an accounting of his profits from the Iraq war?  Were his aircraft charters used in extraordinary rendition?  Should he tell us these things so the voter can get a  measure of the type of person he is?

He won't do it, because it is so much easier to talk about the state owned aircraft.  It is a meaningless issue in the scheme of things but is something that can get people upset.  So I am sure he will skirt all the important things he could talk about and focus on this.

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