Thursday, April 29, 2010


I was reading the Salt Lake Tribune newspaper about Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar's speech to a right wing group in Utah.  Some of these people were responsible for passing a law in the legislature there a few months ago that essentially appropriates all public land in the state owned by Americans to the ownership of the state.  It is a stupid and unconstitutional law that was signed by the Governor there.  Why Salazar needs to appease these crazies is beyond me especially when Utah is the worst state for Obama in terms of support.

As I was reading the paper I noticed an Editorial about concealed weapons in Utah.  They have virtually no training requirements for those who want to 'carry'.  They cited New Mexico as having a reasonable training requirement but then said that two New Mexico trainers were arrested recently for conducting sham training in our state.  Most of the media missed this in New Mexico and it is worth reporting on.  Did the Public Safety Department in Santa Fe make this public?  Why do we read about it in a Utah paper? (or did I just miss it)  What has happened to the people who got their concealed weapons permits from these guys?

Are they sitting next to your kids in a movie theater?

Timing is everything.  Take for example President Obama opening up more offshore drilling sites and then a few weeks later having a disastrous blow out of an off shore rig in the Gulf of Mexico.  It reminds me of that 1970's movie "The China Syndrome" about the near meltdown of an American Nuclear plant.  Three weeks after the movie premiered we got to live through the Three Mile Island disaster.

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