Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Oil Boys

I don't think there is much doubt now that the republican party in New Mexico is actually just a subsidiary of the oil and gas industry. In terms of resources the oil boys, and especially the Yates Petroleum Company, are bankrolling the GOP here.  Yes, I know organized labor is financing the Democrats, but no where near the dollar amounts that energy producers are sending to the elephant crowd.

But there is a little more here than meets the eye.  I noticed that the Potash industry has given a $12,500 donation to Lt. Governor Diane Denish's campaign.  Why?  Probably because for years the oil boys have wanted to drill near the potash mines in Eddy county.  They  have been trying to get approvals for this since I was Land Commissioner in the early 80's.  I wouldn't do it because it could endanger the miners if methane gas escaped from the drilling into the mines.  And I hear that the oil and gas industry once again wants into those mining areas.  It would be a bad move to approve this on a lot of levels, especially mine safety, but also from the standpoint that potash is a valuable resource that should not be endangered.

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