Friday, April 12, 2013


Why does everyone blame the Government for our unemployment problems?  I tend to do it sometimes too, especially when government makes absolutely no effort to make things better.(Think Governor Martinez here.)

But really, it is our much over rated American corporations that are responsible.  Right now  they are sitting on mountains of cash.  They have abandoned research and development in the favor of the bottom line.  They have cut employees and forced those remaining to work harder for less. And they sit there and say they can't do anything until they get some certainty in the economy which many of them helped wreck in the first place.  They hate government regulation and interference but they sit around and blame government for not fixing things.

The big missing item here is, of course, the media which feeds this self sustaining loop.  They constantly attack government but never attack their advertisers.  For the most part journalism is dead in this country.  It was the one thing we had watching our backs for a long time.  But nor more.

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Vicki said...

Most of these large corporations aren't going to expand operations and fund R&D until the US raises the corporate income tax rate so they will invest in their company instead of taking out profits from their company to enrich their personal wealth and their investor's personal wealth.