Tuesday, April 02, 2013


She is coated with it.  Teflon.  Here is what the Governor has done in the last few days.

Lowered taxes for corporations.
Raised taxes on poor and working people by causing cities to raise taxes on them.
Told gay people they aren't worthy of marriage.(Along with New Mexico's Catholic Bishops.)
Vetoed the minimum wage increase for the Chamber of Commerce.

Susanah Martinez gets away this kind of behavior because people just don't pay attention.   Corporate moneybags keep her and her right wing mascots in good standing.  Along with the media mostly doing inane positive stories on her.  Such as her hiring 40 fire fighters for the upcoming conflagrations.  Well, that just might be the culmination of her job creation efforts.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

New Mexico's unemployment rate is 6.8 percent.


I'm going to keep track of it. It will plummet now that the job creators have all that free money. I know that whenever I find a couple thousand lying on the sidewalk I immediately find some people and hire them.

But I jest. The governor is simply following sound economic principals, that Ronald Reagan came up with during a nap when he dreamed he was the Wizard of Oz. The owners of our corporations will take that free money, hire a bunch of people, have them make a bunch of stuff, and then hope they can sell it.

Demand? Never mind. Money in peoples' pockets so they can buy stuff? What, are you a Communist or something?

I'm calling my stockbroker. Wait, I don't have one. I'm calling Susuana's. His office is in a portable building at the back of a big parking lot full of shiny cars surrounded by multi-colored plastic banners. He guarantees you won't leave until you leave happy.