Monday, April 01, 2013


I have been getting some real wacko comments lately on the Mary Han case as well as some constructive ones.  It all points to one thing for me.  The Department of Justice must step in and investigate Mary Han's untimely death.  So far the bizarre actions of the Albuquerque Police Department at the scene would make one very concerned that a proper investigation was not done.  The City Attorney should definitely ask for an independent review of the case from top to bottom.  Already, the national media is showing interest in this story and it could be that our city will end up with another black eye.  But really, at the end of the day we must all know that the Justice system and its backups are working.  So far as Mary's death, they don't seem to be.

Where were the Mayor's lobbyists during the Legislative session?  I can only assume that they didn't know about the screw job done to Albuquerque in the tax reform bill that cut taxes for corporations and raised them on the poor and working folks.  Or, they were ordered by the Mayor and City Council to ignore it.  Or, as happens many times, Albuquerque's own legislators did not stand up for the well being of their home districts.  No matter what happened, they all failed us.

There is something else that has been bothering me.  The legislature has enacted law that will do away with the automatic 3% cost of living raise for public employee retirees.  I understand it was necessary for a while.  But at the same time they ignore the actions of the County Commissions and Assessors in automatically raising property taxes 3% a year.  Shouldn't they be put on a diet too?  Just asking, that is all.

Finally, we had a great week with our kids and grandson Simon.  Justin, Karly and Simon flew away from the Juniper pollen yesterday.  Daughter Noelle and Luke flew back to Colorado Juniper pollen in Fort Collins.  We went to Costco to buy a bale of Kleenex to get us through the next few weeks.

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