Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Pete Dinelli called me yesterday to state that he had very little support from the Labor Unions in getting his signatures and $5 contributions for public financing in his Mayor's race.  He said they were worried about getting backlash from the NM Legislature as the attempted to fix the Public Employees Retirement system.  He said he hired a professional organizer to over see the successful effort.  He said the city sent him his $360K finance funds immediately

 The big question is the amount of outside independent PAC money will be injected into the race.  It could be huge.

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Donald F. Schiff said...

Jim, there will be big outside money spent, but it won't all have to be for Berry. Pete Dinelli's problem will be that he won't control the outside money spent on his behalf, and Mayor Berry's allies can give directly to him, which results in lower rates for TV commercials.

My hat is off to Pete Dinelli. Not only does he get the public money, but he's also mobilized a corps of volunteers who will do field work for him, much like Obama had in 2008 after the long primary season. Some of my ward people were getting lists from me in the last week before the $5 contributions were due! That's motivation.

I think Pete is still an underdog based on the financial considerations, but I'd give him much better odds than you do, perhaps 3-2. That's not bad for a candidate challenging an incumbent. Now it's time for Labor to come out big for Dinelli.