Thursday, April 04, 2013


So, UNM will run after Steve Alford and spend money and time in their legal department.  They want $1 million from him.   Ultimately, will we get in a fight with UCLA's legal department?  That is a great use of time for institutions of higher learning, isn't it?  This is a fight hardly worth having.  It is really looking to me as a form of punishment meted out by an incompetent Athletics department.  It takes the heat off of them.

The oil and gas industry is funding another right wing conservative educational group in New Mexico whose name is GOAL.  Their goal is to fight endangered species listing that get in the way of the fossil fuel boys hunger for profits.  This group will spend money on the media blaming certain of Nature's creatures with destroying human jobs and values.  Watch for their weekly opeds in the oil and gas controlled Albuquerque Journal.

I have to say the Journal has been doing a pretty good job of straight news coverage lately.  Not wide ranging, but certainly focused.  I have also noticed lots of full page ads in the paper recently.  Many of them from that giant new liquor warehouse on the west side.  Their ad might accidentally end up in the section with pictures of drunk drivers someday.  That would be funny.  Especially since the Journal is somewhat focused on DUI issues.  When our kids and spouses were home last week I only saw one of them pick up a newspaper once.  It was the New York Times.  They get most of their content from the internet and NPR.


Bubba Muntzer said...

Alford owes me $1 million for mental anguish from losing to Harvard where they dribble with two hands.

The oil and gas boys are in a hurry to kill off any remaining endangered species before they drop dead from dehydration. When things like that start to happen, and when climate change starts to hurt people physically and financially the oil and gas boys will get blamed for everything that happens with the weather. It will be a cliche. If your Sunday picnic is ruined, blame the oil and gas boys.

When the climate riots come, you'll be glad you're not an oil and gas boy.

Anonymous said...

Printed media is a dinosaur. Within 20 years, it will be a thing of the past. True story: I had the Internet subscription for the Journal and they started delivering the actual paper. The Journal said I could opt out of the free service. I figured they don't have enough subscribers in my area and someone's job depended on it, so I kept the free service.

Anonymous said...

Ah, another great decision by the cretins that run UNM. And they want to run Sandia Labs? No chance of that.

Local Attorney said...

Sandia is notorious for anti-compete contracts and product infringement cases. They will do anything and everything to keep control over its employees (past, present and future) and any inventions -- real or imagined. They have the lawyers and the funding to run over anyone who gets in the way. UNM does not