Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Pete Dinelli pretty much torpedoed his own candidacy in the non partisan Mayor's race.  He called democrats who vote for republicans, "pendejos".   I wonder if republicans who thought about voting for him are also classified as such?   He certainly needed all the votes he could get and he just alienated anyone who wanted to shed partisanship in this race.  I know I have voted for a republican back in the day of a sane GOP.

Now, I have to admit I made the same blunder one time in a partisan race for Land Commissioner when I called some of the oil and gas funded republican candidates jerks.  I was roundly criticized.  I deserved it.  Mayor Berry and his minions are all having a good laugh this morning as they see an easier path to victory in October.  It isn't over yet, but the odds for Berry look better by far.

Political leaders in Clovis (Peanut Capitol of the World) are asking every one to 'pray for rain.'  Maybe they should ask everyone to 'pray for political leadership that will fight climate change.'  Most leaders in those areas don't seem to understand the science on this, or believe in it.  Some folks don't believe that wishing(praying) for something will get it for them.  They are right.  The old saying is, 'God helps those who help themselves."

It is hard to believe that anyone would see anything positive for the United States getting involved in the Syrian Civil War.  Unless of course you are the CEO or Board member of a defense industry corporation.  Those who are calling for intervention with air power are trying to tip public opinion into stepping into another Middle East quagmire.  I don't think the American public is going to buy into this one.


Bubba Muntzer said...

The Obama Administration's accusations of chemical weapons last week was followed immediately by accusations from UK's Prime Minister Cameron, just like Bush and Blair and WMDs. They are paving the way should political pressure force them to do something, but oh, as you say, what a quagmire it will be. They say most of the weapons we and our surrogates have shipped in there are already in the hands of radical Islamists.

Until a little while ago there was a guy at work from down Clovis way. I was asking him about peanuts and he started complaining about the government shutting down that plant down there. The one that was killing people.

That's Steve Pearce territory, ain't it?

Donald F. Schiff said...

I don't think Pete Dinelli's bad joke will be a Dean Scream or a Romney 47% moment. In the context of a meeting of 300 or so hard core Democratic activists, the joke made sense, and it landed. Pete needs us to rally around him. He certainly didn't help himself with the electorate, though. Luckily, the election is still 5+ months away, and the Republican fauxtrage will fade. At least I hope so.

Every candidate has a learning curve; Pete's just got steeper. I see this incident mainly as a warning to Pete that must treat every moment as if he's talking to the TV screen.

Anonymous said...

Much ado about nothing much. Pendejo means stupid. I tell my kids not to say stupid but they do whenever they think I am out of earshot. I would rather they call eachother stupid than b--ch. Let's not forget the Pat Rodgers's emails or the idiocy of the Governor's chief of staff.

Unknown said...

Interesting. As I've noticed, when Repubs say what they really think, they have to apologize. Now, when Dems tell the truth, we have to apologize.
The reactionaries are pendejos. We should be improving education and infrastructure to build the new economy. Instead, they help their cronies loot our resources and distract the rest of us with fear about immigrants, or anybody not a "real" American. Look at the disastrous economic condition our state is in. Here in Alb., the real estate developers made a killing during the housing boom. Now the workers are laid off, the migrant workers (the ones we are supposed to be so scared of) have headed back home. I guess the Gov. might want to petition the feds to build a wall to keep the migrants here so she has an issue to run on. Her new motto can be, "we need to keep an eye on 'em"

Anonymous said...

If we need to keep an eye on them, then we should give them driver's licenses.