Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dem Governor's Primary

The New Mexico Governor's Democratic Primary is thankfully getting some more potential  candidates now that Senator Linda Lopez and Senator Tim Keller are considering entering the contest.  This is a good thing because Attorney General Gary King certainly needs some one to poke him in the eye to see if he reacts.

Linda Lopez's claim to fame will be the refusal of her Senate Committee to give the Governor's Education Secretary an up or down vote after two  years of endless and unnecessary delay and pontification.  Ms. Skandera has been treated unfairly by Lopez and the committee.  But is that enough for anyone to notice Lopez in a positive way?  Hardly.

Senator Time Keller is a charismatic and youthful leader who sits left of center.  He is hard working and not so full of dogma that he can't compromise once in a while.  He might make a pretty good candidate if he can raise some money.  I hope he can.

At the very least this will all liven the primary and will get the juices flowing.  That is positive all the way around.  At least some of these candidates act like grownups!


Anonymous said...

I remember Ms. Lopez on one of the state senate committees' hearings, and she didn't impress me as knowing or understanding the issues related to workforce development.

Anonymous said...

she all took $10,000 from sun cal for the tidds bill

Donald F. Schiff said...

Surely Democrats can do better than Gary King and Linda Lopez.

Anonymous said...

Awww give Gary a chance. The year isn't over yet.