Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Albuquerque Chamber

Frontier Airlines is leaving Albuquerque.  Southwest Airline's vast schedule here will soon only be half vast.  And now Amtrak is giving us a rail job by saying they may cut passenger service to Albuquerque unless we pay them to maintain the tracks.

Nothing is being done about it so far as I can determine.  Which might be a good time to  bring up the subject of the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce.  What, exactly, is their leadership doing do deal with these economy busting happenings?

It might be time for a complete housecleaning at the Chamber.  The Board needs to find new executive leadership that thinks in visionary ways and actually accomplishes things.  It is pretty obvious that the Mayor's office and Governor's office have no economic master plan.  Just ask them to see one.  Wanna bet there is nothing on paper or any committees meeting about such a plan?  So, normally you would think the Chamber would take on some extra chores to try and stop the bleeding.  But no!  It is just business as usual from a mostly invisible and political leadership.  That business is somewhat like most elected officials.  Hang on to their job and aura of importance.  (I've been there)

But these times are very tough and real work and innovation is needed.  The current team at the Chamber is failing.  Big Time!

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