Tuesday, November 26, 2013

At Sea

We were at sea all day.  Rodger, Ed and I waved to Fidel and Raul as we passed by Cuba.  

And then our daily routine on all cruises is to meet in the Crow’s Nest at 5pm for drinks.  It is a panoramic bar that sits above the bridge on all Holland American ships, known as the Dam Ships.  We are on the Noordam for this voyage amongst the Carribbean islands.  Starting with Jolene and Ed Mahr, Bobbi and Jim Baca, and Connie and Rodger Beimer.  The big news today is that Bobbi won the Jive dance competition for the day and is now on the finals on the last night of the cruise.


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I hope the legislature sends him packing on the DROP plan. We worked to hard to make PERA solvent for Berry to drive it into the ditch for problems he has created.