Monday, November 18, 2013


I was wondering when this move to get more people onto statins to lower cholesterol would be revisited.  It turns out the calculator that people  use for advice is deeply flawed and would result in many folks going on these powerful drugs when it wasn't really necessary.  Gee, that would have meant a windfall for big Pharma wouldn't it?

I had been on those drugs for many years because my numbers always hovered over 200.  I just blindly took them.  And then about six months ago I talked with a friend about how at the age of 68 I was experiencing a lot of muscle pain.  He said the statins might  be responsible.  So I did a little research and found out that the statin's side effects could be severe muscle pain.  I went off them for a couple of months and the pain went away.  My numbers went up of course.  I went back on them and felt terrible.  Then I went off them again.  I am better again.  I will stay off them as along as possible. There is no history of heart attacks in the family.  I don't smoke and I get exercise on the golf course and morning walks.  So I guess I am just rolling the dice but I have decided it is better than being in a state  of constant fatigue from muscle pain.

One can only marvel that such a flawed calculator could be put out by major heart research organizations and big Pharma.  I wonder if the right wing will come after them as they have Obamacare.


Jim Bess said...

I had a similar experience with my statin use...weaned myself off over a few weeks, and now just have one or two apples a day. It seems to have stabilized my blood levels. It's better than adhering to a Pharma policy that just wants your money until you croak.

Jim Bess
former KOAT/KOB/KGGM director

Eric in Santa Fe said...

You might ask your doctor about trying niacin supplements. It does have an annoying flush side effect, but it also took 20 points off my total cholesterol.