Tuesday, November 19, 2013


It is heartwarming to see the Cuba School Board and Administration just say no to moving their graduation ceremonies to a different day in order to satisfy one religious sect.  I was really worried that the fundamentalists would carry the day.  You don't often see such government elected officials stand up for rationality.

The Albuquerque City Council and Mayor Berry sure didn't stand for rationalism when they allowed, with out any vetting, a ballot initiative written by religious fanatics to go on to a vote when it was clearly unconstitutional.  Once again they should all resign in disgrace for their cowardice and malfeasance.  This million dollar cost is abhorrent.  Think of how this money could have been used on something productive and enlightening.  Maybe even some newly curated exhibits for the children's science museum?

I hope the voting public shows the same rationality as the Cuba School Board.  A slap in the face to fundamentalism and the dark ages would be a good thing.


Anonymous said...

If you were Berry and wanted to appease the fundamentalists and had an unlimted supply of money and resources and knew that the ordinance as written wouldn't pass even metro court review, wouldn't you just have a special election? Most voters have already shown they don't care. This way he protects his interests with the voters and tea partiers.

Bubba Muntzer said...

I stopped to vote on the way home from work at the city records center on Menaul. It's more convenient to my commute and those big corrugated garages remind me of the sheds where my uncles, who are all dead now, kept their tractors.

It was 8:00 in the morning but the election workers seemed tired, and the machines were sluggish. There were a few people in line and people steadily coming in. They weren't walking in like in a real election, with that visible sense of nervous excitement and import. They were more like robots. Even the man holding the "Approve" sign on the sidewalk had only half waved at it me.

Whenever I see that mayor in a video clip, what strikes me most is that he is utterly disingenuous. There is nothing true about him, nothing real emits from his dry slightly sneering, smiling lips. His suit looks plastic, as if he was dipped in it, and then everything was dipped in a preservative coat that dries to a semi glossy sheen. His bearing, and his every word, are false and calculated.

They should ask him about that twenty five million every chance they get. God should ask him about it when he hands in the receipt for it, and turns away to pray.

Everyone is tired of the culture wars. The quivering throbbing followers of Republican Christianity have lost, but they still go through the motions, as do we. We all still see the promised land, far in the distance, and are certain now that it's further away not closer.

The slightly sneering smile remains intact. Someone off camera has dabbed away the greenish fluid that was seeping from a crack.

Anonymous said...

Berry was smart in getting the abortion vote on a different ballot. Had it been on the mayor ballot (like it should have been), Berry would be out.

Is this what it takes to wake up this town? Well at least we are voting down the Abortion ban, too bad we are stuck with Berry for four more years.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the city council should follow Toronto's lead and start stripping the mayor of his authority?

Ok, then said...

Now the Valencia County Commission is considering a 20-week abortion ban -- never mind that there are no clinics in Valencia County that perform the procedure.