Thursday, November 21, 2013


The political leadership in New Mexico should be indicted for malfeasance.   The one shining light in New Mexico has been its positioning as a possible leader in renewable energy because of our great capability of turning sunlight into energy.  The Governor and PRC Commissioners have turned what could have been an economic gain into a loser by reducing by half what our power generators are required to do to meet renewable generation.  And they could have easily met the requirements before this stupid move.  Did PNM have something to do with this?  Will any journalists find out?  PNM, our once great local Corporate presence has morphed into a bottom line only company.  Shame!

And Mayor Berry of Albuquerque sits by along with the city council and watches our transportation system unravel.  This screen shot of a study completed last month shows just how bad our airport is doing.  Was this study shared with any journalist, or were the city pols afraid of the reactions that might come from the public?  Certainly, the chamber of commerce should care but they are to busy being mascots for the Mayor and Governor.  And the right wing Albuquerque Journal publisher.  Click on it to make it bigger.

A close reading of this would explain why you pay $4 for a bottle of water at the airport.  The city needs to up its take because the airport could fail without it.

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Anonymous said...

My economic development plan "Energize Albuquerque" identified the airline or transportation industry as one of the major growth industries that has the most potential to attract new jobs and new industry to Albuquerque. The plan was announced about the same time Frontier pulled out of Albuquerque but the news media and Berry falsely said all I wanted to do was build another passenger terminal which would sit vacant. The City should try and recruit an airline, freight, cargo or manufacturing parts distribution center or hub to Albuquerque. Because of Albuquerque's strategic geographic location, north-south and east west-routes could be easily established for distribution of goods and services tied in with our rail road system and freight delivery routs. Albuquerque could recruit an airline carrier from Canada or Mexico or even recruit FED EX or UPS to establish a major distribution hub or parts assembly center location at the airport. This would create new jobs and bring a new industry to Albuquerque. Public-private partnerships for use of the airport could be negotiated. With South West Airlines on the verge of reducing flights to Albuquerque, our airport is fast becoming irrelevant nationally, but Berry still does nothing and I suspect will continue to do nothing.
Respectfully, Pete Dinelli