Thursday, November 07, 2013


If fellow blogger Joe Monahan's pollster is right then the anti abortion foes will be handed a defeat this month by rational Albuquerque voters.  His poll sows a much wider gap than I think there is and after word of this gets out the Archbishop and fundamentalists will pull out all stops to pass the ban on certain abortions.  Some bible wielding fundamentalists decided we needed this after conferring with higher powers in heaven.  This will be a fun one to watch, but the issue will remain thorny no matter what happens.

This could also become a barbed issue for the republicans running the Mayor's office who let this expensive and unnecessary election take place.  The ordinance would have been unconstitutional but the Mayor was willing to waste a million dollars in a special election so the emotional issue would stay away from his election.  This self serving waste of taxpayer money will follow him for a long time.


Mike Cadigan said...

Wouldn't it be great if Archbishop Sheehan advocated for ending hunger, pre-K education, or drug and alcohol treatment with the same fervor he advocates for the anti-abortion issue? He should take a page out of the new Pope's notebook.

Bubba Muntzer said...

And when one of these nuts the mayor is associated with, who go around calling abortion providers killers, blows someone away, as they inevitably end up doing when their fevered attempts to impose their will on everyone else fails, that might follow him, too.

Salon magazine comes to Albuquerque:

Anonymous said...

Mr Monahan's blog poll will only be true if people come out and vote. Getting them out to the polls is the tricky part. Rachel Maddow has been quoted as saying that the greatest divide in this country isn't party affiliation but those who care and those who don't. To some degree, I believe everyone cares. The question remains: Do people care enough?