Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Luck of the Draw

So now NASA scientists are saying there are as many as 8 billion earth like planets in the goldilocks zone around stars like our sun.  And we end up with the Tea Party and the Taliban on this planet!  Think of the odds of such a political delusional philosophies being on any of those other planetary bodies.  One of the Tea Party faithful, a guy named David Barton, a right wing historian, is thinking about running against republican US Senator Cronyn in Texas.  This guy is saying that god has removed his protection from earth because of abortion.  That is why we are having these devastating storms you know. And earth quakes and other crap too!

And then one can't just wait for exclamations from the religious fundamentalists on why billions of  earth like planets aren't mentioned in the bible so they can't be real.  They will get around to it as soon as they stop campaigning to get this unconstitutional anti abortion bill passed in Albuquerque.


Unknown said...

As long as anyone can claim they are in touch with a higher power,and not be laughed at by all, this nonsense can go on. Barton speaks for Barton, not any gods. So does the pope and the preacher down the street. Belief, or ideology is important to grifters like Barton because it justifies them. People who do good don't need a justification. Just being a human who cares about others is a good enough reason. Barton's mission is to line his pockets and preserve privilege for himself and his cronies. I guess you need "higher powers" for a job like that.

Bubba Muntzer said...

God removed his protection? So that explains the Religious Right.