Monday, November 04, 2013


It is kind of sad to see the Valencia peanut crop in the Clovis and Portales area go with out any buyers since the Sunland Processing Plant declared bankruptcy after their problems with salmonella last year.  Their peanut butter sickened many folks.

The company really screwed the farmers in the area by withholding their planned bankruptcy information while the farmers planted.  Bad actors for sure at Sunland.

At the same time the farmers are faulting the Federal government for not helping them.  In the last five years the Feds have shoveled over five million dollars in subsidies to some of these farmers.  Those subsidies have been falling as they should, but to blame the feds for not being of more help while these same conservative farmers hate government and elect the likes of tea party darling Steven Pearce to Congress is a little over the top.

There is no better peanut that Valencia peanuts and I hope the farmers stay in business and a buyer is found for Sunland's plant.  Maybe the Governor's economic team should finally do something and go out and find a food processor to buy the facilities and make that good peanut butter.


Michelle Meaders said...

Where have they been selling them the last few years? If people are still buying peanuts and peanut butter, you would think another processor would want them. Maybe it's too late in the year. I see lots of brands of organic peanut butter at the store, and machines for grinding your own.

Anonymous said...

Just maybe the federal government should cancel all our agricultural welfare programs. Watching cable TV seems to suggest we all want less government interference in our lives? The taxes we save not funding agfare can be used to pay more for our food.

Anonymous said...

I can't feel much sympathy for a company whose own tests showed it had problems with salmonella and they did nothing until they were forced to do so. Imagine all the people that were sick.