Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I am on the fence about Genetically Modified Organisms.  Specifically, plant food crops.  I am not on the fence about requiring food producers to label their products as being genetically modified.  They should be required to do it by law.  People deserve to know what they are eating and big Agriculture needs to let them know.  Also, if a crop is made more productive by genetically improving it, then that crop seed should not be held captive indefinitely by any blood sucking corporation like Monsanto.

If you want a really good laugh about food production you need to watch the comedy series produced by the natural food restaurant Chipolte.  It debuted on HULU TV yesterday and it is really hilarious.  You can get to it for free through HuffPost here.

What I find interesting in this four part series is that an American Corporation, Chipolte, is taking on a controversial issue and not doing it from a right wing perspective.  In fact, it is down right left of center.

Finally, here is a good read in Politico by local private investigator Michael Corwin.

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Sitting on a fence can be very painful to one's hind end!