Friday, February 28, 2014


Senator Martin Heinrich had it right yesterday when he criticized Republicans who voted against a bill to restore Veteran benefits.  The GOP guys said there had to be an offset in other parts of the budget to make up for the additional expense.  Too bad they didn't do that when they voted to invade Iraq some  years ago.  When one stops and thinks about these characters they almost seem comical.

Timing is everything.  Just as efforts are underway to widen the scope of nuclear waste disposal at the Waste Isolation Plant near Carlsbad, it is reported that more than a dozen employees may have been exposed to a radiation leak.  Although I am a strong environmental advocate I have always been conflicted with our nation's nuclear waste storage dilemma.  Does the temporary storage of this waste create more danger than the WIPP site?  I have to think so.  We can't just wish this deadly materiel away.  It has to be dealt with and burying it at WIPP has to be considered.

UNM Athletics is on the hunt to find the Lobo fans who threw cups onto the basketball court floor.  I hope they find them and ban them from the games.  I stopped going to games in the 70's because of these kinds of behaviors.  


Anonymous said...

On the military benefits, we should be asking why Gov. Martinez has permitted Risk Management to argue that USERRA does not apply to veterans who are also state employees. In other words, Gov. Martinez is trying to deny employment protections to our vets.

Anonymous said...

I know you are a big backer of Senator Martin Heinrich, maybe you could mention that no one has seen him in any community in rural Northern New Mexico.

Jim Baca said...

Senator Heinrich has been to Raton, Vegas, Taos, Gallup, Espanola, Santa Fe plus several Pueblos all in the last twelve months.

Jim Baca said...

And he visited Cuba, NM last week.