Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Lesson #1

All the New Mexico statewide candidates have filed their petition signatures up in Santa Fe.  Now, they have to waste time and money trying to get delegate votes amongst the chosen few who get involved in these conventions, rather than going out to see everyday voters.  It is a system that has outlived its usefulness.  But that is the system we have to live with.

New systems also now exist in politics.  And lesson number one is that they can shoot you down quicker than a meager showing at the convention.  The system is comprised of Facebook, Twitter, Text Messages and emails.  So, my advice to all of the candidates is to only comment on the weather on any of these modern day communication devices.  If you want to use them however, just make sure anything you write is vetted by at least ten people who hope to get a job from you if you are elected.  They will most likely not want to endanger their chances of employment and will edit your missives brutally.

It is the safest bet!

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