Monday, February 24, 2014


The Defense Secretary wants to downsize our armed forces to reflect the fact that we are no longer engaged in a significant ground war.  This is great news.  The defense industry and right wing hawks won't like this because profits will suffer.  But if the money that is saved could be put to good  use along with available manpower to rebuild America's infrastructure then lets do it.

It is astounding to realize that or country has a military presence in over 150 nations around the world.  That includes 66,000 soldiers in Europe and 50,000 in Japan and 28,000 in South Korea.

The political party county conventions were held this weekend.  Did anyone notice other than bloggers?  And then I find out that the Democratic Party will hold their state wide Convention at the Route 66 Casino west of Albuquerque.  Some candidates who will be looking for delegate votes for their position on the ballot better bring extra help to round up the votes from the slot machines and crap tables.  Prepare for cigarette smoke.


Donald F Schiff said...

The DPBC convention is a pro forma meeting to pass the delegates elected at the Ward level on to the state convention. Most counties do not have wards, so they elect delegates at the county convention.

I don't like being anywhere near casinos, but I'm certain the meeting will be in a conference room or auditorium. We had a meeting at another casino which wasn't completely horrible.

Anonymous said...

I got elected as a delegate to the state convention and will be at the Route 66 Casino the night before the actual convention. County and state conventions is where an individual can have the most influence.

My suggestion to other delegates is to go with electable candidates. Cull out the extreme candidates at this level