Monday, February 03, 2014


That game was a letdown.  Guess their chile was worthless.

The Journal article on Poverty on their front page this morning was a breath of fresh air.  There was no local followup with political leaders to explain New Mexico's continued laggard status in the world of the needy.  The consensus is that food stamp and anti poverty programs really keep people afloat and without them things would be much worse.  Of course the Republicans see that a perfecty acceptable by continually trying to gut food stamp assistance.

There was a puff piece on the Chamber of Commerce and their shared goals with the governor.  No explanations from anyone on how the corporate tax cut last year has done much of anything to help our dismal economy.  Oh, but they want more subsidies to train workers for jobs, but no thanks on the minimum wage reform.

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, one of my favorite performers, either purposely or accidentally over dosed and died.  These brilliant people seem to realize how silly celebrity status really is.  They seem to keep looking for some meaning in things and resort to finding happiness in getting high.  What a conundrum and a lesson for us all.

The third week of the legislature starts and little has been done in this election year.  Why do they even meet on election years?  Their sole responsibility seems to be not offending anyone which might cost themselves votes.  What they should do is just pass two year budgets the year before an election and then stay at home.  I have always thought two year budgets make a lot of sense.  But that would require real planning which these legislative bodies don't want to mess with.


Anonymous said...

It's good that the Journal is acknowledging the existence of poverty. I'd add a couple qualifiers.

Those data compare today with the 1950s, when only one person worked in a family. Now everyone works, the wife and often kids who live at home, so they all have to contribute to that slightly higher (or lower) household income, so that means the decline in one person's buying power has been tremendous.

That missing buying power, that wealth, has all gone to the top. The New York Times had another story today, proving eight ways to Sunday, how the "Middle Class" is disappearing.

They asked corporate types, who are making their money selling luxury goods, while stores that rely on middle income customers like Sears are going under. More than 90 percent of the overall income gains during the Obama Administration have gone to the top 1 percent. We're working to create that wealth, they're taking it, all.

Another thing, Democrats are part and parcel of this theft but somehow get away with it. All of our Democratic delegation, every one of them, voted for this last farm bill that cut food stamps. Just before that they allowed another food stamp cut to go into effect without putting up so much as a fight. Same with long term unemployment benefits, which have now ceased for mot than 1.4 million people. And, they all just voted for a budget that cuts Medicare, federal retirements.

Our declining wages and living standards over the past 30 years, the gutting of American manufacturing, all has been accomplished with the willing complicity of Democrats in congress and the White House.

We talk about how conservatives are so clever at framing issues, but for Democrats to still be viewed as the party of the people, by so many, is the best con job of them all.

Anonymous said...

You summed it up the Democratic party is run by Wall Street Democrats. It's a con job by both parties used to divide and conquer citizens by saying both parties are evil. I'm considering switching from Democrat to Independent. Most of the young people I've registered to vote choose Independent, because they see right through the con. The main problem with the Democratic Party is that it has taken away the activism in the party and it out sources it's labor for elections. A lot of the people that show up at your door on behalf of the party are hired off the street and paid to get the numbers. Read this book it's at the Alb. Public Library, It will give you the picture of why the party is no longer the party of the working class.