Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I want someone to fund a poll amongst both democrats and republicans and all other registered voters to ask them questions about the legislature.  I can tell you right now that probably one in twenty knows who their legislator might be.  One in fifty might know who the Speaker of the House is.  One in 200 would know who the Senate Pro Tem is.  And one in a thousand might know who heads the committees.  And I am being pretty generous with those numbers.

It makes one wonder why the pettiness in the legislature and Governor's office makes any difference to those few who might care.  While the numbers of people who know anything about the legislature is minuscule, they command a lot of attention and positioning amongst the law makers.  All the strange stuff that happens up there are like episodes in a poorly watched TV miniseries.   You know there is one but is so poorly produced you just don't watch it.

However, in about 24 hours we will be able to watch one miniseries that will make even the jaded politicos drool and binge watch.  That is Netflix's House of Cards.  Can't Wait.

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Anonymous said...

I'm reading Dede Feldman's book on the Senate and it is very informative.