Saturday, February 22, 2014


I am almost certain that the Governor of Arizona will veto that bill that allows businesses to deny service to gay people.  How could she not do so?  Even her, that finger shaking in the face of Obama lunatic!  Even the business community wants to see that bill vetoed because they know there would in fact be a very big boycott of Arizona from tourists and modern day businesses.  I am planning a golfing road trip and I can assure you my stops in Arizona will be dropped if this bill is signed.  As it is, I always top of my gas tank and buy munchies enough to get through the state without leaving tax dollars because of Arizona's anti immigrant laws.
Also, a list of every legislator who voted for this should be made public and their businesses and professional practices should be singled out for boycott.  A merciless boycott.  All of the Christian groups who supported this bill should be identified and ostracized.

I am very curious to know what is going on the the Internal Affairs investigation of the Albuquerque Police Department Academy.  When the media found out about it the probe was stopped in favor of an administrative action.  This is certainly something we need to be made aware of, and soon.  Could the Mayor show some courage and let us know soon?  Or perhaps one of our invisible city councillors?

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...also the Albuquerque Police Department's 'mishandling' of the investigation of the murder of Mary Han - which it appears is about to be swept under the rug as part of a settlement conference for the Han family's civil lawsuit that takes place in Las Cruces today.