Monday, September 01, 2014


Bobbi's Labor in her little garden shows a real harvest every week.  She gets something in return for her work in this 80 square foot patch of soil in our patio.  Those are the best damn tomatoes in the world as far as I am concerned.

As for the American worker their returns for their hard work in this corporate run America diminishes every single week.  Good jobs are now difficult to find and CEOs and Boards continue to oppose minimum wage laws.  How long can they hope to get away with the greed?  They have a lot of tunnel vision on profits.  They can't see the building resentment.  Maybe they should consider what is happening in Ferguson.  That is not just about another police shooting.  There is something more going on there.


kim said...

Hate to be debby downer on your return from vacation (glad it was so refreshing and enlightening!) but our fave local Journalist, Leslie Linthicum, has flown the coop--announcing her retirement from the Journal in her last front page opinion/feature piece which appeared sometime last week, while you were gone. Hopefully, she'll show up in one of the other local outlets (ABQ Free Press? which is featuring a lotta former Tribune writers), and indicated she has a book in the works, but I, for one, am still grieving.

Anonymous said...

And in time watch as this begins to get reflected in the stock market. Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel prize-winning economist, said it so well on Bill Moyer's show which can be viewed at the link below in two parts. He also has a link to a downloadable white paper worth reading.

Austerity can only work to a point and then you have recoil from the citizens. We are ripe for that and ABQ already has the underground infrastructure, well not so underground anymore if you are paying attention. Martinez and Berry take heed. You need to listen to the citizens.