Wednesday, October 15, 2014

At Sea

The Governor of New Mexico and the Mayor of Albuquerque are once again silent on the issue of the day.  Ebola is in Dallas with a second patient diagnosed at the hospital where a nurse is also down with the virus.  Of course Governor Rick Perry took the advantage of free air time to talk about the disease, and promptly made a fool of himself.

Has the Mayor or Governor ordered the State medical infrastructure to give them a report on how they would respond to the discovery of any cases here?  They really should insist on a public statement from both government and private medical providers about this.  But they remain in the cocoon of silence, hoping for the best.  That is GOP leadership these days.  Do nothing.

And then there was former republican and now libertarian Governor Gary Johnson on TV last night suggesting that marijuana might be helpful in the crisis.  At the least it would make us feel calm.  And at least he is saying something!


Anonymous said...

It's obvious that no one took the outbreak seriously. And it won't be until someone with status gets ill and possibly dies. I will bet that there are more cases that will be made public a day at a time. Very very sad.

Anonymous said...

Hardly an outbreak. Isolated incident does not create an outbreak.