Thursday, October 02, 2014

Miscellaneous Mud

The attacks by Aubrey Dunn Jr. on Ray Powell in the Land Commissioner race may be one of the lowest things I have seen in TV ads yet.  Dunn scared up the family who lost the Land Office owned Dixon Apple Orchard near Cochiti and got them to say Ray Powell was at fault for fire and flood that destroyed the place.  You might remember they had no business insurance and tried to get the Land Office to pay them for $2 million dollars in losses of improvements.  Problem is they never built the improvements nor planted the orchard.  They were just trying to steal from the school children of this state to make up for their imprudent lack of insurance.  But since money rules politics and Ray doesn't fight back very hard, then he could actually lose this race because lies and mud work every time.

And then there is the Governor's ad on the fact that Gary King leases a building to the state for $1 a square foot in Moriarty.  The ad makes it seem like King is ripping off the taxpayer.  At $1 a square foot?  Ask any real estate agent or property manager if that is a rip off.  But since the Governor and her minions have no morals they just  aren't constrained in anything they say.


Anonymous said...

Dunn is showing his true colors... "personal responsibility.... unless you can get someone (taxpayers) to pay for it".
The Mullanes are disgusting people - they didn't pay for water, trees, insurance. Ask Becky about the "job" she had at UNM (which she never went to) which paid her a salary and gave her health insurance.
And Dunn the banker, let's ask him how many houses he foreclosed on when taking part in "stated income" loans and other schemes.
I hope Dunn the fake cowboy gets trounced and slips back into obscurity where he belongs.

Donald F Schiff said...

I just saw a Gravis (R) poll which has Ray up by 6 points, with 20% undecided. The electorate is pretty Dem-friendly, but under-represents Hispanics, which may also account for the 48-44 lead Susana has over Gary in this cycle. Still, this kind of result from a partisan Republican pollster is better news than we've heard her in a while.