Sunday, October 05, 2014


It is bad enough to be overrun with nauseous and negative TV ads.  In the valley we are getting over run with critters.  These guys were on my back fence in the middle of the night and triggered the wildlife cam I own.  Not a very good camera, but it caught the grub hunters in the act.  They are tearing up back yards around here looking for meals.


Anonymous said...


I have found you explanation regarding the New Mexico permanent fund very informative.

Could you devote an article to explaining the ins and outs of the permanent fund. I think most of us don't have a clue and I was hoodwinked thinking that is was the "kindness" of the oil and gas industry that funded it.

Educate us please.


Bubba Muntzer said...

New Mexico Voices For Children, a non profit, has this "primer" on the permanent fund, which goes into how it was established in territorial days, what's happened to it since, and some of the dollar amounts involved:

That group's web site is pretty interesting, by the way. They back what they say with their own studies. They show for example how these corporate tax cuts and giveaways (my description of them) the governor keeps pushing and legislature keeps falling all over itself to enact are hurting education. They look at the state's programs for training young workers, women and minorities, finding them fragmented and inadequate, of course. They point out that the labor force participation rate in NM is very low even compared with other western states, which ties in with the unemployment statistics we've been hearing about lately. They advocate for raising the minimum wage and show why it would be a good thing, to give you an idea of where they're coming from.

The organization was started by New Mexico pediatricians.

Anonymous said...

Racoons have over run a lot of areas of Albuquerque. Although cute looking, they are nasty little creatures with a very ugly disposition. Scavengers they are preying on whatever garbage they can find. Me thinks they are all registered REPUBLCANS.

Anonymous said...

While out on a drive the other day I saw two dead raccoons in the street. I had no idea they had made their way into the city. I have never seen one in my neighborhood before, guess I better invest in one of those cameras, just to make sure what might be creeping around the yard.