Friday, October 03, 2014

Blunders on KNME PBS

I watched an interview that Gary King did on New Mexico in Focus Friday evening on KNME and it seems that the questioner has imbibed the Kool-Aid.  She talked about the oil and gas industry's 'contributions' to the permanent fund at the state land office.  A blunder!  That is the fund that spins off so much money for education.  It was an ignorant and embarrassing moment for that news show, New Mexico in Focus.

The oil and gas industry does not contribute to the permanent fund.  It pays for a product owned by the state land office.  That product is oil or gas.  It is not owned by the industry but by the trust set up by the constitution of the state.  Every year the oil and gas industry talks about how much money they turn over to the land office as if it were a gift.  They spend lots of money to make people think it is just an unfair gouging of their industry when it fact they really aren't paying enough.  On federal lands that oil and gas is owned by the taxpayers.

The second blunder of the evening was Gary King appearing with no makeup, and poor lighting provided by the inept KNME production crew.  Does anyone help Gary with these kinds of basic modern day necessities?  He looked absolutely cadaverous.  It certainly represents the sad state of affairs in that campaign.  King's answers were good ones, but these days that isn't enough.


Michelle Meaders said...

You should know abut that, Jim -- you used to be in the TV news business.

Maybe this year n the legislature, they can change the law that lets candidates get back on the Primary Ballot even though they didn't get 20% of the vote at the State Party Preprimary Convention. Then we would have had 3 Dem Gov candidates, not 5. This is the first time someone who did that (by submitting extra signatures) has won a Primary.

Abqr said...

Not to mention asking him what he plans to do after he loses. Amazing he took the bait and gave an answer other than that he plans on winning the election.