Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Warning Signs

And you thought the mud was being slung mostly in New Mexico.  Try Colorado.  After three days there I think that I must have seen the slimiest and most disgusting political ads ever.  They are warning signs to me that our political system is dead.  Thanks to the rich and the US Supreme Court.  Watching TV is now a turn off.  You would think that the local stations would understand  that, but no, they are just part of the problem.  Maybe the biggest part of the problem.  They aren't fostering free speech in airing these commercials.  They are fostering the destruction of a democracy. And they have the ongoing help of a gullible and stupid public who seems to believe what they see with absolutely no evidence presented to them on the veracity of these 30 second character assassinations.

This is actually very serious now.  The scale of lying has exponentially expanded with the unfettered use of corporate money in funding political action committees.  Time is running out.  Maybe a simple law should be passed that every time a lie is found in a TV commercial, the producers and funders of the ad would face jail time.  Well, it is a nice fantasy to daydream about.

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Vicki said...

I agree completely. I also posted a similar post last Friday on this very issue on my blog:
Each election I canvas voters to get the vote out but I've never seen the negative reactions so bad as this year. I think it's a response to the barrage of negative lying ads they get each time they turn on the TV. If they answer the door at all, they say they're busy, they don't even let me get a word out (which at this point is to merely ask Democrats if they plan to vote). Democracy is on life support at this point in America when we, as unpaid volunteers and fellow citizens, cannot talk face-to-face to voters...the voter completely shuts you off even before you can begin to talk to them about the important issues of the election. That's the result of Citizens United and the obscenity of the all the money spent on misinformation campaigns.