Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The Tasmanian Devil's demise at the Albuquerque Bio Park is getting more angst out of the Mayor's Office than the deaths of many homeless and mentally ill victims of APD's shooting spree.  It is truly amazing that Mayor Berry and his chief of staff would show such an emotional response to this act of cruelty.  From a PR standpoint it was not the greatest thing to do.  But, he is acting no differently than many people these days.  Last night on Channel 13 the longest running story was about a mistreated dog.  At least Channel 13 has covered the APD mess with some professionalism.

Today in the Albuquerque Journal, Mayor Berry said that mayors come and go, and so the public needs to get involved in looking at APD's problems.  That is true, but he also has a responsibility to do the same in an open and vigorous manner.  That means he needs to sit in on those meetings.

Albuquerque will be getting another once over on APD as Rolling Stone magazine is on the prowl for  the APD story.  The magnifying glass will once again be on us.  But, I am sure that most attention in the next few days will be given to the Tasmanian Devil death, an endangered species.  It will get world wide attention.   If the guy who did this ever gets caught, I am confident he will get more punishment than those cops who shot the homeless guy in the back with their assault rifles.

P.S. That ballot I worked on as I voted yesterday was in fact the longest one I have ever seen.  I was blacking out little circles for fifteen minutes.  A lot of ink.


Bubba Muntzer said...

That's an excellent post all told.

I admire your giving credit to mayor Berry even as you criticize him, which you've also done in the past. I'm going to start following your lead. For instance when the mayor is absent for long periods while negative publicity swirls around the city I'll attribute it to his not wanting to hog the headlines, and not try to conjure up in peoples' minds an image of him hiding out in a Motel 6 in Santa Rosa watching Andy Griffith reruns in his underwear and living on crackers and cheese.

Anonymous said...

It is really discusting how Berry and his administration are so "shocked and outraged" and are giving so much attention to the killing of an animal at the zoo, yet showed little or no emotion nor reaction to the killing of John Boyd and so many mentally ill people and homelses people by APD. Stating that City will prosecute to the fullest for animal cruelty if the criminals are arrested would have been enough,but no, Berry and his Chief of Staff sting it out no doubt to get support from animal rights people and zoo supporters. Homeless, defensless people do not vote.

Notice how Berry only attends functions for his staunches supporters so he can report what is going on with APD? He attends and speaks at Chamber of Commmerce meetings, Economic Forum meetings, NAIOP and NM Mexico Business coalition meetings. These groups will never criticize, question or challenge him in public. If Berry shows up to the APD meetings on reforms, my guess it will be to only open the meeting and he will not stick around to hear any comments or be willing to take any responsibility for what has happened to APD or be willing to take any criticism. Too bad this Mayor is not gone soon enough for what he has done to this City and APD in particular.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain how Berry knows it was murder and not an accident that killed the Taz? And after several break ins at the Zoo, why didn't Berry have the Real Time Crime Center monitoring the zoo? This seems like a no brainer. Oppps, no brainer and Berry in the same sentence.

Before we call it murder show us the facts. Or once again is Berry's administration not wanting to take accountability for an accident.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong in Albuquerque? $10,000 reward for information on the Taz that died. Don't know if it was an accident or not, but Berry and others want to paint it that way. If it comes out that the Taz was killed by accident or poor design of the Taz display I want the $10,000.

You don't offer a reward until you know it was a criminal act. That has not been proven, but in Albuquerque who cares. Who needs prove?

Anonymous said...

The city is great at calling an accident a murder and a murder a suicide.

Anonymous said...

One cannot MURDER an animal. One can KILL an animal. The press the little devil is getting is absolutely ridiculous. One has to wonder if maybe the little devil was on loan to the Zoo and the citizens of ABQ will have to pay the owner for the death. Mayor Berry has his priorities all mixed up. And I agree that ballot was really long. Sheeeeeesh.