Tuesday, October 07, 2014


I have been following the horrific story about the 40 students in southern Mexico who were apparently shot by police and then buried in a mass grave in a feeble cover up attempt.  Certainly my first reaction was that Mexico is a dangerous place that is subject to extreme governmental violence against it's citizens.  But are they really different that the USA where thousands die from gunfire every year and where a good amount of them from police weapons?  Albuquerque's police haven't killed 40 human beings all at once, but over a couple of years they did more than half that many.  So, are we different?

I wasn't surprised at the US Supreme Court's decision to let stand Appeals court rulings that gay marriage is constitutional.  This court is ruled by libertarians and they really couldn't do much else.  They are treating this as a freedom issue.  I still haven't figured out how they came to the conclusion that corporations are people.  Maybe that signals that mergers should be allowed no matter what damage they do to consumers.  They have to be consistent. Mergers and marriages....kind of the same thing except marriage doesn't rely quite so much on greed.

Absentee voting starts today.  I will wait until early voting to go cast my ballot.  We need to elect Democrats to all of the lower offices to counteract the Governor.

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