Tuesday, April 21, 2015

City States

Will there be a new battle of city states like in ancient Greece?  Except these new fights will occur in New Mexico.  Our hapless and unqualified police chief in Albuquerque just declared war on all the other Mayors and City Councils in the region by bribing their police officers to come to work for the troubled and understaffed APD.  And Mayor Berry approves.  Put your self in their positions for a moment and think how this helps our regional cooperation over time.

I speak from experience on this as some of this was going on when I took over as Mayor in the late 90's.  I organized monthly meetings over lunch with all of the other regional Mayors and tribal governors in hopes of finding common issues to  work on.  This had never been done before and it was productive.  The one thing regional leaders were upset about was raiding their police departments.  We stopped it and relations got better for the most part.  And so Mayor Berry you might think twice about continuing on with this.  Your little $5,000 dollar bonuses for officers deserting other departments might work, but it is a form of capitalism that will earn  you nothing but disdain.

Speaking of which, when was the last time you had all the other leaders in for lunch?  You might learn some things and get some real ideas for cooperation.


Anonymous said...

KOAT Mary Lynn Roper came out last night with a damning 90 second review of Gorden Eden and APD transparency.

Berry gave Eded $30,000 more of our money (than what Schultz was making) when he hired him. Berry said Eden was so experienced that he deserved the pay increase before he worked a single day. Well just like the policies Berry had to roll back on APD recruiting and retention, he got it wrong with Eden. Albuquerque needs a chief who speaks to the public, not hides from them. It is time for everyone to call for Eden to be fired and a "real" police chief put in place.

Anonymous said...

Will have to open the Chiefs position nation wide, because we do not have anyone on APD or in New Mexico for that matter REAL enough for the position. There is a good possibility that Berry and Eden are actually twins separated at birth.

Anonymous said...

WOW KOAT actually did a story that needed to be done??? They are always out in front of doing all the stories about dogs and cats. News flash No One Cares about the animals. Stick to the REAL stuff that matters.