Friday, April 10, 2015


Dear First Solar,

Welcome to New Mexico.  Fuck You and your clean energy.  I vetoed the solar tax credits.


Governor Susana Martinez

cc:  NM Oil and Gas Association


Bubba Muntzer said...

I guess late tonight the governor was spotted holding a flashlight while Aubrey Dunn dug a hole in front of the Land Office.

New Mexican said...

No need to get vulgar.

Anonymous said...

And Aubrey was wearing a denim jacket

Anonymous said...

Mr Baca is there anyway susana could get impeached

Anonymous said...

Why is this vulgar?

If anything is vulgar, it is all the local media labeling Martinez as a civil rights advocate because she signed the civil forfeiture bill. Here is the real news: the GOP and the tea parties are upset that their property is being taken without due process as guaranteed by the fifth amendment. They are also upset that the second amendment will be targeted next.

The GOP is Texas and Georgia are among those pushing for banishing forfeiture without due process. On the national level, Rand Paul has sponsored the FAIR act aimed at civil forfeitures as well.

Look it up:

and here

Wake up New Mexico - Susana Martinez is in this for herself and her own political future on the national level. She and her cabal aren't here for what is best for New Mexico because that would have included a "thank you" to the solar industry.

New Mexican said...

I wonder if this applies to solar, as compared to wind power.

Interesting article one way or another

Donald F Schiff said...

Spot on, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Dunn and Susana are conspiring to kill solar, and wind, and geothermal in New Mexico.