Saturday, April 04, 2015


Easter.  Time of resurrection stories for many in Christendom.  But a second resurrection occurred on Good Friday.  He's Back!  That master chameleon Jaime Koch was brought back from the crypt of washed up politicos and made Regent again at UNM.  How did that stone get rolled back?

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall on how this all came about?  He resigned as Regent after being confirmed by the Senate because he was 'upset' that right winger Matt Chandler was not confirmed.  I opined that the only reason he was appointed again by the Governor was that he was charged in getting Chandler confirmed in the Democratic Senate.  When he failed, he fell on his sword because he didn't deliver.  I still think that is true.  But Koch has a way of turning up again and it is pretty impressive.

Meanwhile the Governor has appointed another prosecutor to the Board of Regents.  This is evidence to me that the Governor wants narrow focus people, like all prosecutors, on her team in every position of importance.


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to watch Jamie Koch defend and explain his resignation letter and disparaging remarks about the State Senate at his Senate Confirmation hearing next year. Koch believes the Governor has the right to appoint whoever she wants as regent but apparently does not believe the Senate has the right to reject whoever they do not want to confirm. The Senate needs to reject his appointment for another term as regent. Koch is part of the problem with UNM and he has served long enough as regent. Koch needs to be honest about his political affiliation and change his resignation to Republican.

Anonymous said...

Only in New Mexico can a University hire a dean of library Svc. and the dean hire his wife for a job he created just for her. Then say it was part of the Movida to get him here. Maybe Mr Koch will have something to say since it happened before he " quit" only to be reappointed!!! No one is really holding their breath though, since Koch got the same kind of Movida. Funny how no New Mexican ever qualifys for positions in High R Education!! Must be the educational system que no??