Wednesday, April 01, 2015

On the Plus Side

We can lament our legislature and Governor, but frankly in hindsight, looking at Indiana and Arkansas, our elected officials look pretty benign.  They haven't set out just yet to persecute a whole segment of the population because an old white guy who lives in the clouds told them to do so.  Yes, the Governor and GOP seem to dislike brown people from south of the border using state drivers licenses to get around in NM, but mostly that is just GOP dogma that says you have to single out some group as a cause of all your problems.  But they are not using their god as a reason.  So far as I know.

The problem here is that those anti gay laws are being passed because christian fundamentalists are so adept at voting.  They elect the people who carry their dogma into the halls of government.  The only way to counter it is for young people to start voting strongly.  Mostly, they aren't afraid of gay marriage and teaching of science in schools.

Here is an enjoyable chart.  Click on it to make it larger.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

That's a good point, and it's no doubt a reflection of New Mexico's overall progressive nature, which I must admit surprised me when I came here. In spite of the occasional redneck walking around in a cowboy costume, even in little burgs way out in the middle of nowhere, and on reservations, too, people feel free to express their sexuality, it appears to me as I travel around the state.

Coincidentally, I got an email today from a group called Equality New Mexico about a list of businesses throughout the state that have signed up as supporters of LGBT rights - it's a new project but over 300 are on the list, including stalwarts like Remax Commercial Real Estate, which would have no reason to sign something like that unless to make the point that we are open minded here.

Our tolerance is something we can be proud of. Thanks for the reminder.