Tuesday, April 07, 2015


The oil and gas boys are starting another media blitz on TV to let people know they are still very important people and should not be messed with at all.  They will spend a quarter of a million dollars to shine themselves up because environmentalists and critics have managed to convince the Bureau of Land Management that there are some places that should not see drilling rigs.  I would suggest that money be used instead to clean up some of the messes they have left in the Land of Enchantment.

It has been announced that a Chicago Real Estate Investment Trust has purchased Lovelace Medical Systems. The CEO said it would be good for Lovelace.  Will it be good for the patients?

The GOP and Dems on the Albuquerque City Council fought at length over a Memorial on immigration issues.  These memorial debates take up a lot of time and have no effect other than a statement on certain issues.  Strangely, the republicans on the council equated immigration issues with abortion and gun rights.  The GOP said they haven't bought these up to save time for the council.     Culture wars come to the Council.

We watched the latest John Oliver show on HBO last night.  It has to be one of the best political commentary(comedic) on TV.  Oliver spent 40 minutes on the upcoming extension vote on the so called Patriot Act that pretty much tramples on all Americans rights to privacy.  He even went to Moscow to interview Eric Snowden and provided evidence that Americans have no clue as to who Snowden is and what he did.  They only time his man on the street interviews got peoples dander up about privacy was when he stated that the NSA could see pictures of people's genitals that were mailed to boyfriends and girlfriends.  That got them riled up and they sort of began to understand the issue.  Other than that it really made citizens look uninformed and rather stupid.

I have the all time lowest golf handicap of my life.  I am spending entirely to much time on the golf course and I plan on continuing to do so.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Congratulations on the golf score!

So my golf tips have an effect. The more you ignore them the better you get. Seriously though, it's nice you have that pastime, not just for your wife but you, too.

Sorry about that. You've posted a couple good one liners lately. I think you inspired me. That is nice, though. I think the golf score indicates physical and mental fitness. The one liners, too.